Houston Texans OK With Losing Mario Williams and 3 Others

By Eric Droddy

Over the last 2 days, the Houston Texans have seemingly let Mario Williams and others slip away. More than likely, most people a week ago might have thought Williams and others wanted to stay in Houston. I am one of them. I really also thought owner Bob McNair and General Manager Rick Smith wanted to keep them there.

“We want Mario,” McNair said. “We’d like to have him… We’ve got Chris Myers. We want to keep him. We’ve got [Mike] Brisiel, we’ve got [Joel] Dreessen, we’ve got a lot of guys that we would like to keep, and so we’re trying to keep that core group together as best we can, and that’s our focus.”

Sounds good right?  Well where is the action behind the words, the proof in the pudding so to speak?  I for one would also like to see them keep the core group together.  How about Arian Foster?  I can’t imagine starting off the first year after the best season in Houston Texans history and the first year of a new 5 year contract, behind 3 guys I don’t know.  On top of that, one or two that could be rookies.

Now I know there are a lot of factors that play into the free agency game.  Many of the specific inside dealings I can’t imagine.  But in this age of immediate information and rumor mill, where is the evidence that the Texans are even pursuing their free agents?  Please give us a sign that one playoff season is not all we get.

As much as Mario Williams has been at the forefront of free agency news, I am personally more concerned with the possibility of losing the entire right side of the offensive line.  With right tackle Eric Winston already gone, it is entirely possible Center Chris Myers(http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/14/free-agent-center-chris-myers-to-visit-titans-on-thursday/) and right guard Mike Brisiel are lost to other teams as well.

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