Philadelphia Eagles Got The Better End Of The Deal With DeSean Jackson

By Frank Benditt III

To the surprise of many, the Philadelphia Eagles inked their brash, pro-bowl wide receiver to a new contract last Wednesday.  The five-year deal  is reportedly worth $46.75 million, including $15 million in guarantees, with incentives that could increase the total value to $50.75 million.

Just like last preseason with quarterback Michael Vick, the Eagles tendered the franchise tag to a player, only to turn around and negotiate a long term deal.  This year, it was DeSean Jackson instead of Michael Vick receiving the benefits of a franchise that was looking to spend to keep their own talent.  The Eagles will dole out around $40 million in guarantees to the oft-injured Michael Vick.  Unlike last year’s Michael Vick contact, DeSean Jackson’s new deal is a sensible ‘win’ for the organization.

Comparing DeSean’s new deal with the current wide receiver free agent market and it looks as though the Eagles were wise about their money.  The key to the NFL style contract is the GUARANTEED money.  Two names that just signed hefty free agent deals are Vincent Jackson and Pierre Garcon.

Vincent Jackson signed a five year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that will pay him reportedly $26 million in guarantees for two years, with an increase to $36 million in year three.  Vincent Jackson is good, but he is also 29 years old.

Pierre Garcon agreed to a five year deal with the Washington Redskins that will unload $20.5 million in guaranteed money.   Garcon has never had a 1000 yard season and has never caught more than six receiving touchdowns.

Both Garcon and Jackson do not possess DeSean’s big play capabilities.  DeSean Jackson is also younger than both.

The Eagles were very savvy in the structuring of DeSean’s new deal.  Much of the money is incentive layden…..Jackson will earn $250,000 each year from 2012 through 2015 for every Pro Bowl he makes, another $250,000 for every 10-receiving TD season he has, $250,000 for each 1,300-yard season and another $250,000 for every Super Bowl the Eagles win during the next four years.

The Eagles made DeSean comfortable for life, while dangling the carrot in front of him to keep him intensely focused.  Well played.


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