Why Manning Should Be “The Man” in "San Fran"

By Daniel Canova

Jim Harbaugh needs to hand the keys to Peyton Manning.

I absolutely love what Harbaugh did this past NFL season with the 49er franchise, but they did lose in the NFC Championship Game.  And if your not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy come season’s end, you fail.  The 49ers failed.

I can’t see Alex Smith being the reason why the 49ers have a chance to win their first Superbowl since 1995, when Steve Young was at the helm.  Alex Smith, to me, isn’t the answer.

The NFL, like the MLB, NHL, NBA, etc. is a “win now” league.  A “what have you done for me lately” league.  The NFL probably more than the other professional sports.  And even though the 49ers are very young on both sides of the ball, a veteran like Manning can bring the talented franchise to the promise land.

Think about it.

They were one game away from the Superbowl a year ago with Alex Smith, now you add Peyton Manning to that mix, the team is unstoppable.  Their defense finished in the top 5, anchored by All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis, and they have many weapons on the offensive side of the ball who will equip well with Manning.  Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and the newly acquired Randy Moss would love to have Manning running the show at Candlestick Park.  Even ESPN analyst, Skip Bayless, said the Niners should pursue the future Hall of Fame quarterback especially now that they have Moss,

“Now more than ever I believe if SF signed Peyton, Niners could win next 3 SBowls – easily 2 of next 3. But Harbaugh wants to control offense.”-Skip Bayless via twitter.

The teams currently in the Manning sweepstakes are the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, and the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins are looking more and more out of the race for Manning because they have contacted free agent quarterback, Matt Flynn who will be meeting with Miami in the upcoming days.  The Broncos and Titans seem to be the favorite, both teams making a pitch to #18 on why he should choose their franchise.

Even though Manning should go to a team like the 49ers, I believe he will end up with the Denver Broncos, a team who is very similar to San Fran.  The Broncos and John Elway have a lot to offer Manning including a great defense, a running game that was ranked number 1 a year ago (Tebow making up a large portion of that), and a decent set of receivers Manning can work with in Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas.  Tight-end, Dallas Clark seems to be waiting on where Manning is headed, another piece who I believe will follow the only 4-time MVP.  There is no story this NFL off-season that is more intriguing than the entire Manning scenario.  Nothing.

Now think about this.  If Manning joins the Titans, he will be visiting Lucas Oil Stadium (the place Manning built), once a year until he retires.. Yikes.


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