Addition of Peyton Hillis Makes Kansas City Chiefs Backfield Scary

By David LaRose

You can call it “Thunder and Lightning 2.0” and no it’s not the return of Ron Dayne or Tiki Barber. This new version of the Peyton Hillis and Jamaal Charles duo is more diverse and it’s quietly making the Chiefs backfield one of the best in the NFL.

Say what you want about Hillis’ effort last year with the Browns, he will now get a fresh start with the Chiefs and this time he won’t have to shoulder all of the responsibility. If Charles can fully recover from his torn ACL and be the same back he was before, the two of them can form a formidable one-two punch that will be tough to defend against.

Even having them in the backfield at the same time would be something that the Chiefs can use to their advantage. Hillis has plenty of experience playing fullback and defenses would have to game plan for the threat of Hillis or Charles getting the ball.

You can argue that the AFC West has some of the best backfield duos in the league and it only got stronger with Hillis returning. San Diego has Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert. Denver has Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno. Oakland has Darren McFadden and still has Michael Bush although he’s a unrestricted free agent. But out of all of those duos I would have to say that KC’s backfield is by far the scariest.

Now with Charles and Hillis roaming the Chiefs’ backfield along with their stout defense the Chiefs can become legitimate contenders in the AFC West.

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