Rex Grossman, Where Are You?

By Ricky Allen

Rex Grossman has been as silent as  Sting was when he was in WCW looking like  “The Crow”. Grossman  has done the unthinkable: He has quarterback sneaked the Internet.

In the midst of all the free agent moves the Washington Redskins have made this week, Rex Grossman has been quiet. I honestly  believe  he’s somewhere in an underground bunker with his chiefs of staff devising a plot to take over an NFL Team.

That team is obviously not the Washington Redskins, at least I don’t think so.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion we will not hear from Rex Grossman until you read the following headlines:

“Goodbye Rex Grossman, and Hello RG3: Redskins Pick Griffin”


“Griffin to Start as Redskins QB for 2012 Season”

At that point, Grossman will have his plan. We will all be witnesses. He can’t go back to Chicago. Jason Campbell slipped in and took that spot. Not a bad fit for a former Redskins Quarterback.

It’s funny: One former Redskins Quarterback going to the team of another former Redskins Quarterback (and yes, I know exactly how I said that, because we all know Grossman is done. So don’t hand me this “Oh well we don’t know that yet” stuff.” you’ll just get funny looks…) .

He will not give us that satisfaction: Brilliant, but I’m tired of making potato chip runs back and forth from the kitchen. Eventually I’ll have to get up from Sports Center and make a dinner for myself.

Even in the midst of the following comments, we hear nothing:

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t the Redskins already have an RG3? Rex Grossman is entering his third season in Washington.”  -Gator

All right, Rex isn’t the answer just as John Beck isn’t the answer under center for the Redskins.”- Staunton News Leader

Rex Grossman, the team’s starting quarterback at the end of last year, is a free agent, but is hoping to return in 2012. I have no idea why the Redskins would even consider keeping him, though. He is a proven bust in the league, and they should look elsewhere in my opinion.”-Bleacher Report

And so, we wait. We wait for the 30-second comments that revolve around more than his hopes to return to the Redskins.  He’s a free agent now, and John Beck has the contract. There is only one place left for him: Backup to RG3.  I cannot imagine Grossman, a man who went from backup to starter, going back to the bench watching.  It would be a surprise, but not unexpected.

There’s always Arizona, or whatever team Peyton Manning doesn’t want to play for.

RG3, for the Redskins, would not be the official end to an era, but an upgrade. Eras have legacies that are worth remembering. Rex Grossman will join Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell, and John Beck on the list of Redskins Quarterbacks that just couldn’t get it done at the starter position.

Maybe he’s just the perfect professional. Maybe he knows how to conduct himself  in times like this and it’s me. Maybe it’s all of us. Maybe we’ve all gone beyond the call of being settle, and are used to having “Kanye West Moments”. Maybe Reality TV has ruined us all. Maybe we’re the ones that are wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, Grossman has made his peace with his fate and we simply want to watch it happen. You know, see the look on his face.  Who knows, but silence, when used correctly, can be a winning element, and a powerful tool.

The off season isn’t over yet, so let’s keep watching. Remember how they did Jason Campbell? He heard about the Donovan McNabb trade from a radio interview.  This off season hasn’t let me down yet.


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