Indianapolis Colts Need a Robin to Their Batman

By Christopher B. Batchelder

Where there is Batman, there is Robin; where there is ketchup, there is mustard. It seems that with every excellent thing there is always a great sidekick. On the football field it is no different. Some of the greatest players and teams in history have had great combinations. John Taylor and Jerry Rice or Emmit Smith and Michael Irvin, these players were excellent, but if you took their sidekick away, would you end with the same result? Every great player needs a solid sidekick.

For years in Indianapolis, they had the combo of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. A few years ago, the “Batman,” Marvin Harrison retired, and it left a hole on the right side of the formation. Pierre Garcon filled that hole but never became the dominate player that they needed. Now Garcon is heading to Washington through free agency. The Colts need to find a new “Robin” to Reggie Wayne and they will have to use the draft to find him. The Colts will draft Andrew Luck with the first overall pick. With their second pick, they need to draft a wide receiver.

Rueben Randle is a 6’3”, 210-lbs wide receiver out of LSU with great hands. In his last season at LSU, he managed to catch 57 balls for an average of 17.5 yards per catch. He also had an option quarterback throwing to him which was why his numbers were low. Randle’s upside is in the red zone, which will help him get drafted earlier in the second round. Coaches in Indianapolis are looking for guys they can mold into the perfect receiver. With the help of Reggie Wayne, Randle may become a great dependable receiver, something Garcon never achieved.

According to Barry Every, a national recruiter analyst for, “Randle is an athlete who is a cross between A. J. Green and Julio Jones. He should have a similar impact at the next level.”

If this is true, he would be a good, cheaper option with fewer headaches than any of the free agent wide receivers who are available right now.

As the Colts continue to make small moves through free agency, expect their biggest moves to come in the draft. They are stealing the blueprint for a championship team by building through the draft, much like New England and Green Bay has done.

It may be a different looking Colts team in 2012, but it won’t lack in production. Things are on their way up and if they can get a Batman and Robin connection, watch out!

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