Rumor: Matt Flynn's Girlfriend's Tweets Are Good for Miami Dolphins

By Bryan Lutz

Not really a rumor, more of speculation than anything, but it appears the Dolphins have their new franchise quarterback. It’s not “official” yet, but Matt Flynn’s girlfriend isn’t leaving much up to the imagination. She’s very attractive too, so that always helps. Here are a few of her tweets:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/lminchew/status/181062980505579520″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/lminchew/status/181060194699186176″]

Flynn to the Dolphins has made the most sense since the quarterback wasn’t franchised by the Green Bay Packers. As A Packers’ fan, I think the jury is still out on Flynn. At best, he’s probably another Matt Schaub, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. At worst, he’s a Charlie Whitehurst, a hyped back-up quarterback.

Due to a concussed Aaron Rodgers, Flynn made his first career start in 2010 against the Patriots. Before the game, it was a forgone conclusion that the Packers would get smoked by Brady and company with a Rodgerless Packers’ squad. But Flynn rose to the occasion, completing 24-of-37 passes, throwing three touchdowns, with only one interception. After that game, the Matt Flynn hype machine grew.

In 2011, when Flynn had his chance to shine in Week 17 against the Detroit Lions, he broke Green Bay Packers’ franchise records for yards and touchdowns in a game.

Certainly, Flynn is better than a Chad Henne or a Matt Moore, but is he good enough to lead a team for the course of the season? It appears the Miami Dolphins think so. Unless a team like the Seahawks – who Flynn’s girlfriend mentioned once before their trip to Miami – offers a boatload of cash, it’s safe to say Matt Flynn will join the Miami Dolphins shortly.

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