The New York Giants Free Agency thus far

The New York Giants have made a couple of moves early in the free agency period.  The Giants have a need for tight end now that Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum both got hurt in the Super Bowl.  The Giants weren’t thinking about the tight end position but they now have a need.  Here are the moves the Giants have made thus far as Thursday was the first day of the free agency period.

The Giants moved quickly to fill a need at tight end.  They signed the now former Cowboy Martellus Bennett.  He is 6-6 and 265 pounds.  He was second on the depth chart in Dallas but was playing behind All Pro Jason Witten.  He played in 60 regular season games and 31 starts for the Cowboys.  He caught 85 passes for 846 yards and four touchdowns.  They were all in 2008 as a rookie the touchdowns.

This is what he had to say “I am just happy to be able to come here and get a chance to be the starter and work with a guy like Eli Manning and with guys around me like Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.  In Dallas it was the same thing with Dez Bryant, but I think it’s different for me now because I get the chance to step up and really show what I can do.”  Here is head coach Tom Coughlin’s reaction “What you have is a talented athlete who played behind an all-pro.  Who is not very satisfied, is not very fulfilled, is anxious.  He is anxious to prove the quality of athlete and football player that he can be.  If you go back to 08, 09, 10, 11 you can see spots where he flashes as what he could be.”

The Giants also have signed Chris Horton who is a safety from the Washington Redskins.  He spent three seasons with them but did not play last year.  He is 6-1 and 215 pounds.  His final two seasons were cut short by injuries.

The Giants resigned Terrell Thomas who was hurt last year in the preseason.  The Giants will be really happy to have him back and playing.  He was coming into his own as a player.

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  • http://Verizon Rockland Bob

    Why haven’t the Giants signed an impact linebacker or an offensive tackle? Both are necessary for the Giants to win next season. They dod not have a linebacker that is good against the pass and they have an aging offensive line, especially at tackle. Reese is a terrible general manager. He should be fired.

    • Jeff Shull

      how in the world can you think someone who has won two Super Bowls in five seasons deserves to be fired? He should be commended for the job he’s done, he is one of the best GMs in the game.

  • Gary

    You of course are entitled to your opinion but he has won two super bowls in four years.

  • Scott

    I understand Giants fans frustration when it comes
    to their seeming inability to get any quality LB’s
    other than Michael Boley. But I agree that you can’t
    diss GM Gerry Reese when the Giants have two SB wins
    in five years.

    What I can’t understand is the crap I keep hearing
    from the front office about their concerns with the
    salary cap. The Giants team salary ranked them in
    18th place in the NFL last year. Now by letting go of
    Kareem McKenzie, Brandon Jacobs, Aaron Ross and
    Mario Manningham they save an extra $8,854,000.

    That leaves them with a current team salary of
    $52,378,500 which now ranks them in 24th place, one
    place below the Patriots. So how do the Eagles, who
    ranked 9th in salary end up signing a free agent Pro Bowl Middle
    LB for two draft choices while the Giants didn’t even
    try. I don’t get it.