Washington Redskins Sign Rex Grossman to One-Year Deal

By Ricky Allen

He’s baaaaaaaaaack. The Washington Redskins have signed Rex Grossman to a one-year deal.

I was just ranting (no pun intended) about the whereabouts of Rex Grossman yesterday, and now we have an answer.

Does Rex Grossman read my blog? (Ok maybe I’m reaching there…)

The team  sold their soul with two additional first-round picks  (The first in 2013, the other in 2014), and a 2012 second-rounder to the Rams for RG3. I didn’t care where Rex was  until yesterday. When I started doing the math on available quarterbacks for backup, that’s when it hit me.  Maybe I was hoping it wasn’t going to be him.

I would be amused if he actually had a shootout with RG3 and John Beck for the starter position. No (pleassseeeee), not after last season. But apparently nothing’s off the table with the Redskins right now.

CBS Sports put the Redskins quarterback situation  in great perspective when they said the following: “If Washington had to overpay for Griffin to play (and for Rex and Becks to sit) then so be it. It can’t be any worse than what Redskins fans were subjected to last year. That said, unless something changes in the coming months, Grossman will still be one injury away from the starting job. This assumes, of course, that Beck doesn’t win the backup gig first.

That sums it up perfectly.

However, I feel that John Beck deserves his day. Rex Grossman had a chance to shine when Donovan McNabb was benched. He had another chance at the starter spot last season. Should the unthinkable happen and RG3 sinks, it’s only fair that John Beck gets a fair shot at starter, and not just a few snaps.

The Washington Redskins are looking like a complete team. With this question answered there’s only one element left: That offensive line.  We can’t watch our quarterbacks get pounded each game and think they’re going to perform to high expectations, no matter how good they are.

An evaluation of the offensive line is overdue.  If they allow for small cracks in the wall to turn into big ones, well, we’ve just wasted a lot of picks and a lot of money.

That results in another season of watching…yeah, you already know.



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