Manningham Signs With 49ers.. Ex. Colt, Manning Next?

By Daniel Canova

And the drama continues.

Agent, Drew Rosenhaus confirmed Saturday Nightthat his client Mario Manningham has signed a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

If this isn’t enough to lure Peyton into San Francisco, I have no idea what can.

Moss, Crabtree, Davis, Gore, now Manningham?

Since Day 1 of the Peyton Manning saga, I said continually to everyone I know, that the best fit for Peyton Manning to win another Championship is in San Francisco.  Jim Harbaugh must come to his senses, put his ego to the side, and realize Peyton Manning needs to be his quarterback over Alex Smith.


I wonder if it has anything to do with Manning taking Harbaugh’s job in Indianapolis back in 1998.  Is he still “offended” by that?  If I was Harbaugh, I wouldn’t be.  He did a hell of a job taking over a  7-9 team, turning them into an immediate Superbowl Contender.

Manning to Manningham 2.0?

I believe so.


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