Philadelphia Eagles Next Move: Ink LeSean McCoy

By Frank Benditt III

LeSean McCoy is coming off an outstanding 2011 season in which he eclipsed the Philadelphia Eagles single season touchdown record with a total of 20.  McCoy is a young buck as well, turning only 24 years old (July 12th) before the 2012 campaign begins.

Entering the last year of his rookie contract, McCoy is slated to earn $615,00.  It seems the Eagles have the same quandary with LeSean as they had with disgruntled wide receiver DeSean Jackson:  having a young pro-bowl team member play one year on a severely under paid contract or re-structure the contract to a lucrative, long-term deal?

This past week, the Eagles locked up DeSean Jackson to a five year deal that, ultimately, benefits both parties.  LeSean McCoy’s restructured contract situation is still in question.

LeSean McCoy is one of the top three half-back in today’s NFL.  Last year, McCoy compiled 1309 rushing yards, on 4.8 yards per carry, along with his 17 rushing touchdowns.  Additionally, McCoy caught 48 balls for 315 yards with three touchdowns.  In fact, McCoy is the only player in NFL history with 3,000 rushing yards, 150 catches and a 4.8 rushing average in his first three seasons.  Those are numbers an organization simply can not ignore.  McCoy must get paid.

To give you an example of what a quality running back in NFL earns, look at Carolina Panthers, DeAngelo Williams.  Last year, the Panthers paid Williams $43 million over five years, with $16 million up front.  DeAngelo Williams is good; LeSean McCoy is better.

Running backs in the NFL typically have a short shelf life.  McCoy is young enough that the Eagles should not hesitate to offer a four/five year deal.   The Eagles are one of the best at maneuvering the salary cap.  McCoy is too important a piece in the Eagles explosive offensive attack.  Furthermore, McCoy makes the Eagles a more balanced offense.

The decision to ink LeSean McCoy long-term is a no-brainer.


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