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Report: Tim Hightower Rescued from Phoenix Area Mountain

Have you been wondering what’s going on with Redskins unrestricted free agent, Tim Hightower? Well, according to MyFoxPhoenix , Hightower and his wife, Krista went for a walk (Thursday) on Camelback Mountain and ended up getting lost when it became too dark after going off trail. Of course, Hightower is a former Arizona Cardinal and has a home there. So, this wasn’t the climax to an adventurous vacation…

Luckily, Tim Hightower and his wife weren’t injured, but crews did have to rescue them.

Click here for the video of Hightower and his wife… Reporters said, Hightower was a bit embarrassed… I know I would. Especially with the NFL Free Agency Frenzy in full swing.

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