Report: New England Patriots May Trade For Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt

With Monday’s news of Peyton Manning beginning a new era in Denver, Tim Tebow is on the outside looking in for the quarterback job.  I could make a whole Judas/Manning comparison, but I feel that’s already over done.

The interest in Tebow is not known at this point, but many are assuming that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins would be the heavy favorites.  According to one report from CBS Boston, the New England Patriots might surprise everyone with a trade for Tebow.

The Patriots still have Tom Brady, but if there’s any man who can find a role for Tebow, it would be Bill Belichick.  He’s a mastermind at making things work to his advantage.

Tebowmania is going to relocate, but the location won’t be known for sometime.  A Brady/Tebow quarterback combination would possibly end the Internet as we know it and cause Skip Bayless to have a heart attack on air.


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