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Terrell Owens Wants to Play for Dallas Cowboys Again

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to add a No. 3 receiver after Laurent Robinson signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. On Friday, Owens said he is definitely open to returning to America’s Team and publicly lobbied himself for the position on 103.3 ESPN Dallas’ Ben & Skin Show. When asked if he wanted to play for the Cowboys again, Owens didn’t hesitate to express his interest.

“I’m ready, I’m willing to play,” Owens said. “I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on the field.”

Owens has been on the field, playing for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League this season. His referring to the NFL as “the field” signifies his desire to return to football’s biggest stage.

As for Owens playing for the Cowboy again, he’s not so sure Dallas head coach Jason Garrett wants him on the team.

“I think it was a situation where I think [Jason] Garrett — I wasn’t one of his guys, and got into a situation where he had a little bit of power and didn’t feel like I fit in the locker room or he felt like I was dividing the locker room, which was, again, discouraging considering there was a number of guys in the locker room that pretty much vouched for me that said I wasn’t a problem.”

Owens’s problem is he doesn’t know he’s the problem on any team for which he plays. He went on to say that nothing changed with the Cowboys after his departure. Owens is so blind he can’t see that so much changed after the Cowboys cut him in 2009.

The Cowboys would be nuts to bring back Owens. Jerry Jones has done a fantastic job this off-season making Dallas a better team and signing Owens even as the No. 3 receiver would be suicide for the Cowboys’ locker room that already is trying to establish leadership. Owens can blame his woes on Garrett, but it’s ultimately on him. The Cowboys should steer clear of T.O.

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