Vikings Sign RB Lex Hilliard; Add Size to Backfield

Today the Minnesota Vikings agreed to a one year deal with former Miami Dolphins RB Lex Hilliard. With this signing, the Vikings continue their trend of not signing big name free agents this off-season, but in this case, I’m okay with it.

Lex Hilliard is certainly not a flashy name when it comes to free agents, but he does fill the role that was occupied by the now retired, Jim Kleinsasser. At 5’11 and 240 lbs, Hilliard definitely fits nicely into into the Vikings backfield.

In three NFL seasons, Hilliard has rushed for 130 yards for 2 TD’s and caught 26 balls for another 210 with 2 scores. These are clearly not standout numbers, but the Vikings aren’t bringing him in for production in the backfield, those roles are filled by Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson. Hilliard will be a blocker and primarily play on third down.

Even though Hilliard’s numbers are not that impressive, I like the addition. Every team needs a big back that plays on third down, and a guy that you know you can check down to any time to gain a few yards. Hilliard seems to be that guy, and any offensive production the Vikings get from him will just be a bonus. If nothing else, Hilliard adds depth in the backfield, which is a good thing, with AP coming off knee surgery.

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  • Marshall

    Wait til preseason, and you’ll see why Hilliard has been able to stick in the NFL for the past 3+ seasons. He hits the whole extremely fast and hard. He’s intelligent, can play multiple positions AND special stars on special teams. Vikings just need to give him a legitimate chance… something he never got on the Dolphins. There aren’t many players as solid as Lex in the league… for being 5’11 and 240 lbs, he’s got incredible body control. Versatility… full back, tailback, H-back and special teamer all in one affordable package. I’m impressed with the Viking’s signing…. very efficient.