Hines Ward Retirement: Officially Retires as a Pittsburgh Steeler

By Stephanie Lewark

As I posted earlier this morning, the Pittsburgh Steelers held a press conference at 12 noon with former wide receiver, Hines Ward.  Speculation was confirmed that the press conference was held for Ward to officially announce his retirement from the NFL.

After 14 years in the league with the Steelers organization, it would be odd to have Ward’s career end any other way and he seems to feel the same way stating that he couldn’t see himself in anything other than Steelers black and gold.  From an update on USA Today’s, The Huddle:

“There’s only one thing I love more than the game, and that’s Steeler Nation,” he said, admitting he’d been moved by countless letters and emails from Pittsburgh fans.

“The city and this organization means the world to me.”

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