Indianapolis Colts Should Acquire Tim Tebow

By Christopher B. Batchelder

After 12 days of speculation, Peyton Manning has finally decided where to play football the rest of his career. Many people are now focused on what will happen to Tim Tebow. Teams have already shown interest inhis services and it is only a matter of time before he is moved.

Tim Tebow is not a conventional quarterback and he needs to find himself in the right system to succeed, much like he did while with the Denver Broncos. Even with Tebow’s success, the Broncos found themselves with a chance to obtain a future Hall of Fame quarterback. They feel that it would be best for Tebow to find a potential starting job so the Broncos will try to trade him.

One team that is not in the running for Tim Tebow is the Indianapolis Colts, but maybe they should be.

Think about it for a minute. The Colts have released many key parts of their team last year, with the biggest piece being Peyton Manning. The Colts need some excitement back in the building and Tebowmania may be the answer. Tebow is a running-style quarterback who can make throws, but don’t expect him to be consistent. The biggest thing Tebow has is the ability to get other players to play better, which is a trait that all the great players in the game have had. Tebow is not the future of the Indianapolis Colts, but someone who could help the Colts win some games and assist rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. The more weapons Indianapolis has the better it could be. Right now no one is expecting too much out of them, but if they could land Tebow maybe that could change.

Another aspect of signing Tebow would be selling tickets. Usually they do not have an issue with that, but this is the first year without Peyton Manning in the building so it is too early to see what the ticket sales will be like. Despite everything, if the Indianapolis Colts decided to take part in Tebowmania they would have popularity, even if they were losing. Watching Tim Tebow playing football is like watching a car wreck; you know what’s going to happen, but you can’t look away for fear of missing something.

Coach Chuck Pagano has said that he wants to have a team that can play tough defense, run the ball, keep the games close and win in the end. Isn’t that the formula of success for Tim Tebow?

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