New York Giants CB Aaron Ross Signs with Jacksonville Jaguars

By Jeff Shull

When the New York Giants entered free agency, they made it a priority to sign Terrell Thomas despite the fact that he missed the entire 2011 season. The man who started in his place, Aaron Ross, just signed a three year deal worth $15 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To say Ross had a roller coaster season would be putting it lightly; it was more like he had a season that had highs in the stratosphere and lows in the seventh circle of hell.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t that exaggerated, but Ross was ranked one of the bottom 10 corners by Pro Football Focus in 2011. He had one of the worst completion percentages against and ranked near the top in big plays allowed.

True, Ross did step his game up in the post season, which could lead one to believe he could have turned a corner, much like both Corey Webster and Eli Manning did in 2007.

He also had one of the worst performances by a defensive back I’ve ever seen against the St. Louis Rams, who had the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft before trading it to Washington. Bad enough that he was benched and did not play much of the second half, a half in which the Giants faired better.

With Prince Amukamara hopefully taking a giant leap forward in his development and the return of Terrell Thomas, I get the feeling the Giants will not miss Aaron Ross.

In fact, their pass defense will get better in 2012.



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