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Ted Ginn Jr. Visits Minnesota Vikings; Good Fit?

The Pioneer Press is reporting that free agent WR Ted Ginn Jr. had a meeting with the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday. With the meeting, Ginn becomes one of the more notable players the Vikings have looked at this off-season. There is no question Minnesota needs help at wide receiver, but is Ginn the right man for the job?

In his first 5 NFL seasons, Ginn has been a decent wide out at best. He’s caught 159 balls for 2047 yards and 6 TD’s. However, his return numbers are a little more impressive, averaging 11.2/yards per punt return, and 23.2/yards per kick return. In total Ginn has taken 6 returns to the house.

Most would consider him a ‘speed guy,’ which is a much needed role on any team. The Vikings already have a speed guy in Percy Harvin, but can you really have too much speed?

Considering the fact the Vikings have done very little to improve their offense in free agency, I would like to see Ted Ginn Jr. donning the purple and gold next year. He certainly is no worse than any other receiver on the Vikings, not named Harvin, and he would figure to at least be in the mix for the No. 2 or 3 receiver spot going into camp.

If he wants to be in Minnesota, there should be no reason to not take a chance on him, because he’s definitely affordable, making just under an average of $4 Million/year, his first five seasons.

You know what you’re getting with a guy like Ted Ginn Jr. He’s fast, and if gets the ball in the open field, he can make plays. He’s not a guy you count on for 75 receptions a year, but 50 would not be out of the question with some hard work.

Having him in the return game, will only keep Percy Harvin fresh, and having their speed on the field at the same time, will no doubt stretch defenses.

Ginn also has visited with the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens this off-season, but if wants more targets, Minnesota should be his preferred destination.

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