Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars Reported To Have Serious Interest

By Riley Schmitt

The trade rumors surrounding Tim Tebow are not going to stop until the man finally finds a new team.  Although GM Gene Smith is not a fan of the former Florida Gators quarterback, it is being reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars have serious interest in acquiring Tebow.

Jacksonville just brought in Chad Henne, who also isn’t a fan of Tebow.  Starter Blaine Gabbert would also be under pressure to improve on a dismal rookie season.  New owner Shad Khan wanted Tebow in 2010.  The only issue was he didn’t actually own a NFL team.

This isn’t the first team that has been connected to Tebow over recent days.  The Green Bay Packers have supposedly already talked to the Denver Broncos about sending Tebow to Wisconsin.  This would almost be the perfect situation for Tebow, as he would be allowed to learn from Green Bay’s famous quarterback camp.

As a Packers fan, I would love to see Tebow come to Green Bay.  He’s no threat to start anytime soon, so spending time to develop him wouldn’t hurt.  The price would be a low round draft pick, which is a steal for someone with as much natural talent as Tebow.

Tebow is determined to stick at quarterback, which may prove costly in the long run.  Many teams are interested but only a few can help him become the player that he truly wants to be.  For his sake, he better be hoping that the Packers are the ones to get him, not a desperate team like Jacksonville.

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