Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Why Green Bay Packers Would Work

By Michael Terrill

Peyton Manning is officially the quarterback for the Denver Broncos which means the next order of business is to find an appropriate trade value for Tim Tebow.

It seems Tebowmania died in Denver seconds after Manning was announced as the new quarterback. As likeable as Tebow is you cannot really blame the Bronco fans for swiftly turning their backs on him in favor of a four-time NFL MVP.

Denver will now have to contact teams and figure out what they can get for the former University of Florida quarterback. As simple as it may sound the trade market has yet to reveal itself. Many people assumed there would be a high demand for Tebow but it seems teams either do not have a need for him or do not want to deal with the media baggage that comes along with him.

As bizarre as it may sound the Green Bay Packers have apparently revealed themselves to be one of the teams interested in Tebow’s services. Obviously, he would not be the starting quarterback as MVP Aaron Rodgers has a death grip on that role for the next decade. However, since Green Bay let Matt Flynn depart to the Seattle Seahawks via free agency they have a need for a solid backup quarterback. Graham Harrell is currently the No.2 but some people are not convinced he is ready for the job.

General manager Ted Thompson is usually not someone that would go after Tebow and he certainly will not give up anything worthwhile for him, but it has been reported by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein that he may be willing to offer a late-round draft pick for the quarterback.

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Tebow would bring an extra dimension to an already impressive offense. Last season head coach Mike McCarthy sent wide receiver and former Kentucky quarterback Randall Cobb in to replace Rodgers for one play. It was the same type of play, a quarterback draw essentially, the Broncos did with Tebow over the past two years so it would not be out of the norm to see him do the exact same thing for the Packers next season.

I understand the idea of taking the ball out of Rodgers’ hands for even one play is absolutely insane. However, allowing Tebow to play quarterback for a couple plays a game could severely disrupt a defense which would only benefit one of the best offensive juggernauts in the NFL. Would the Tebow experiment work in Green Bay? Absolutely it would. Will it ever actually happen? Well, that is tough to say.

The Broncos would probably not accept the late-round pick the Packers would have to offer. I would imagine there are other teams out there willing to give up a fourth or fifth round pick for him and there is no way Green Bay would do that. McCarthy would love to have Tebow on his team, as stated back in 2010, but he is also very fond with the quarterback play of Harrell. The Packers are definitely one of the teams that can handle the media frenzy but that does not necessarily mean they will want to.

All in all Tebow in Green Bay would be a great fit but if it will actually happen is something we must wait to find out.

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