Why the Philadelphia Eagles Should Absolutely Not Trade for Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow

By Bryn Swartz

The news that Peyton Manning has signed a five-year, $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos has led into a unique situation for quarterback Tim Tebow, who will likely be traded within a few weeks, just a few months after leading the team to an incredible six fourth quarter comebacks and a shocking postseason victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are rumored to be very interested in Tim Tebow, as are the New York Jets. The Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins have also been rumored as destinations.

But how about the Philadelphia Eagles?

Philadelphia Eagles reported Adam Caplan said that he personally guarantees that the Eagles will contact Denver about a potential trade for Tim Tebow.

Obviously a trade would make Tebow the backup quarterback. Michael Vick was given a $100 million contract before the start of the 2011 season. He isn’t going anywhere, at least not right now, as the Eagles face a Super Bowl or bust 2012 season.

If the Eagles did trade for Tebow, making him the backup quarterback, they would likely cut newly signed quarterback Trent Edwards, which would demote 2010 fourth round draft pick Mike Kafka to third string again.

But would trading what would likely be a third or a fourth round draft pick for Tim Tebow be a good idea?

Despite the fact that Tim Tebow is my all-time favorite athlete not named Brian Dawkins, I don’t want him on the Eagles.

It’s nothing against him. I think the addition of Tebow would be huge for the fan base. Actually I think it would be too much for the fan base to handle.

The Eagles are Michael Vick’s team, whether you like it or not, whether you think he’s good enough to win a Super Bowl or not. The 2012 season is a do-or-die season and I think we all know that.

What could trading for Tebow possibly accomplish for the Eagles? Do you really want a fan base screaming for Tebow to be put in the game every time Michael Vick throws three straight incompletions? Do you want Michael Vick to feel like he has to constantly look over his shoulder at Tebow?

Do you want the comparisons between Vick, the dog-killer, and Tebow, the “Chosen One”?

Do you want the distraction? Our backup quarterback last year caused a pretty big distraction when he called the Eagles a “dream team” and I think most of the fan base still hates him for it. I don’t need the distraction of Tim Tebow on the roster.

I haven’t even gotten to the football aspect yet. The Eagles need a quarterback who can play well for three or four games when Vick breaks his ribs again next season.

Do you think Tebow is that guy? I don’t.

He completed 46.5 percent of his passes this season. That’s a number that would be embarrassing for a high school quarterback, let alone a first round draft pick.

I’m also not entirely convinced that Tebow’s fourth quarter success in 2011 wasn’t at least somewhat of a fluke. I mean, really, how many times can a quarterback lead his team to victory in the final minute of regulation or overtime? And don’t forget all those times that the defense played lights out in the fourth quarter or Matt Prater kicked a 50+ yard field goal to force overtime?

That’s another distraction the Eagles wouldn’t need. Losing a game 14-10 and trying to figure out who is to blame.

Ray Didinger of CSNPhilly.com mentioned that the Eagles could use Tebow in a wildcat formation like they did with Michael Vick in 2009, or as a goal line runner/passer. Those are good ideas but if you read Didinger’s article on CSNPhilly, you should check out the rebuttal by John Boruk, who said that Tebow’s typical stat line would be “six rushes for seven yards and 1 of 3 for 5 yards and an interception.” While that may be a slight exaggeration, I see Boruk’s point, and I agree with it.

I also don’t think the Eagles need the distraction of a wildcat or goal line option like Tebow. Count me as one of the fans who thought that Vick was a distraction to the real quarterback, Donovan McNabb, in 2009. Do we want Vick leading the Eagles down the field in eight or nine plays, only to have Tim Tebow throw a goal line interception or lose a fumble on a quarterback sneak up the middle?

Do you want Tebow lining up at receiver or tight end or fullback and taking time away from DeSean Jackson or Brent Celek?

I don’t think so.

The Eagles definitely do need another weapon in the red zone. But it should be Plaxico Burress. Or Brandon Jacobs. It should not be Tim Tebow.

The best thing that Tebow would bring is his leadership, humility, and all-around good guy attitude. But that’s not just not enough to make up for all of the potential distraction. I wish it was, but it’s not.

I wish Tim Tebow the best of luck in 2012, and for the rest of his career. I am as big of a supporter of Tebow as you will ever find.

But I don’t think he would be a good option playing for the Eagles in 2012, or at all.

The Eagles are Michael Vick’s team. It’s time to accept that we’re going to live or die with him.

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