A Potential Tim Tebow Trade from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets May Be Ill-Advised

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The Tim Tebow trade rumors are in full force.

The Denver Broncos have their new signal-caller in longtime Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and all indications are that Tebow and the Broncos will now part ways.

Tebow-mania just never ends, does it?

One of the most surprising aspects about the Tebow trade rumors is that the New York Jets have found themselves right in the middle of them.

The Jets already have their own young quarterback in Mark Sanchez, who the team is firmly moving forward with as their starting quarterback in 2012.

Tebow has always said his preference is playing the quarterback position, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to erratic passers who didn’t even complete 47% of their passes last season.

If indeed the Jets found a way to acquire Tebow, he would likely be third or fourth on the quarterback depth chart and instead be used as an all-purpose back, carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield.

Of course, his biggest opportunity to shine would be in the Wildcat packages that new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has been quite fond of in the past.

Tebow could excel in Wildcat packages, using his running ability and instincts to make plays for his new team without the burden of having to actually quarterback it on a full-time basis.

If this were Madden NFL football, I wouldn’t mind the Jets bringing in a guy like Tebow, which adds a dynamic offensive weapon into the fold.

However, this isn’t Madden. This is reality. And unfortunately, I don’t think Tebow in New York is such a good idea.

First and foremost is the potential cost. Tebow is not expensive against the cap, but Denver is reportedly seeking as high as a third-round pick for his services.

Frankly, that’s a ludicrous price to pay if you’re the Jets. I would prefer them offer a fifth- or sixth-round pick, or maybe even Bart Scott’s contract, but nothing much more than that.

If the price to pay is a third-round pick, though? No way. Let somebody else waste their time and energy on Tebow.

I really do think Tebow can succeed in the NFL. I’m not a Tebow-hater. I liked watching him in college and I admire his work ethic and toughness. But he’s not a very good passer right now. That’s got to change.

However, the biggest reason I think the Jets should steer clear of the Tebow train is the rabid, nonsensical Tebow fanatics that will undoubtedly follow him along every step of his journey.

There are plenty of reasonable, rational Tebow fans. It’s not those fans I’m worried about. It’s the unstable, parasitical, deranged Tebow fanatics that scare the hell out of me as a Jets fan.

Those fans are the ones who made Tebow-mania as crazy as it is. Those fans will turn the Jets and New York City into an even bigger circus than ever before.

Those fans are the same people who sent death threats to John Elway, an all-time great Bronco, simply because he had the audacity to make the Broncos better at the expensive of their chosen one.

Those fans care more about Tim Tebow than Tim Tebow’s team. They’d rather lose every game so long as they can see him smile and throw one-hoppers to his receivers on ten-yard crossing routes.

No matter what anyone does, those Tebow fanatics are not going away, and the worst (and most ironic) part is, they represent Tebow yet they pervert everything he stands for.

Those fans don’t want peace, love, and understanding. They just want their guy Timmy to get his face time, for better or for worse. And it’s always for worse with their fanaticism.

It’s not Tim Tebow’s fault. He can’t control what his fans do and say. Although it would help if he told them to simmer down every now and then.

At the end of the day, the potential risk is not worth the potential reward for the Jets, and frankly for any team that tries to acquire Tebow with the intention of not making him their starting quarterback.

Regardless of his play, the madness that comes with his presence is something that his new team does not deserve. That’s why I especially don’t want to see him on my team.

I don’t know if Tim Tebow will ever be a viable starting quarterback in this league, but I’ve never seen a player in any sport with a fanbase that does more harm than good, until now.

Tim Tebow is a good football player with a flawed throwing motion and a toxic fanatical following. With all due respect, I’m just not sure how much either one of those things can really improve much anytime soon.


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