Bountygate: New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Suspended for the Season

By Bryan Lutz

When news broke about the New Orleans Saints and their alleged bounty system, we knew the punishment was going to be severe. However, I don’t think any of us could have predicted the Saints head coach, Sean Payton, would receive a year-long suspension. But as they say on game shows – there’s more!

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My initial reaction on the harsh ramfications the Saints received can be summed up in one word. Good.

I’m glad the Saints got absolutely drilled by Roger Goodell for Bountygate. I understand football is a physical sport, and that Goodell is turning it into flag football, but there is line that is drawn in terms of what is wrong and what is right. And the Saints saw that line, spit on it, crossed it, and gave it the middle finger. This isn’t the Roman Empire with gladiators fighting to the death. It’s the NFL – an organzation with ethics, standards, and morals. The Saints decided that winning wasn’t enough motivation, they had to resort to financial compensation for head-hunting.

There is no respect in this bounty system, and it greatly affects player safety. In comparison, MMA – the most violent sport in the world – doesn’t have their fighters intentionally hurt each other. They beat the tar out of each other, but then they hug it out at the end because of the mutual respect they have for each other.

Of all the messages Goodell has sent to the NFL, whether it’s the player conduct policy or whatever, this is the greates and most influential one.

The NFC South got a lot easier with these penalties, especially when Drew Brees is already angry and might refuse to sign because of the franchise tag. 

Hope you enjoyed that Super Bowl New Orleans, because it could be your last for quite awhile.


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