Five Reasons Why it’s a Good Thing that Peyton Manning DIDN’T Sign with the Titans

By Stephanie Umek

1.)    Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker have important roles with the team

Before you even assume that I’m ignoring the fact that Hasselbeck is 36, yes I realize he is past his prime and only has a few more years left in him. But so does Peyton Manning. “But it’s Peyton Manning” you say.

Picture this, once the signing takes place, Manning is on the team and Hasselbeck gets traded. There is no reason they would keep him around.  So he leaves. Now you have Manning and Jake Locker. Good idea to have Manning around to show Locker a thing or two. But oh-no, it’s week three and the Titans are playing Detroit (schedule not actually released until April 2012).

Detroit is one of the most dangerous teams on the field, and Manning goes down hard. He’s out, unknown of what his condition is and Locker has to come in. Not a problem for Jake, but two days later MRI results come back and the injury is season/career ending.

Now what?

To dangle a big time quarterback name and just throw your two quarterbacks on the back burner is ridiculous. And now you have to work with these guys and say your happy to have them as the leaders of the team. Good thing both Hasselbeck and Locker are not letting the threat get the best of them. Locker was planning on competing for a starting position. Bringing Manning in would automatically put him on the bench.


2.)    Bud Adams didn’t think this deal through all the way

Bud Adams wants a big name to be associated with his team. There is nothing better to do then grab an available big name quarterback and try to think of every reason under the sun to bring him to your state. They had the money in the salary cap, they can protect the pocket, he is from Tennessee, and his wife is from Tennessee. The state legislature even proposed a resolution that Manning sign with the Titans.

What able who he is passing to? You let guys like Cortland Finnegan go under free agency. Manning will have the choice of Chris Johnson, and Kenny Britt, pending his healthy recovery, to pass to.

Adams went as far as offering Manning a positional job for when he is finished playing. Well considering the outcome Manning wasn’t all too excited to head back to Tennessee. Maybe that shouldn’t have been the main pitch.

3.)    Ruston Webster and Mike Munchak were not supportive of the idea

For the first time I think ever, I am in full agreement with both Ruston Webster and Mike Munchak. They have a vision, they know what they want to do with the team and they know what NEEDS to be done with the team. They both released statements at the NFL Combine that they are completely focused on strengthening the defense. They will be focusing on defensive ends and defensive tackles in free agency and the 2012 draft.

What do you know, Kamerion Wimbley just signed with the Titans.

4.)    The Tennessee Titans are not an egotistical team

The biggest argument that many people have, as stated at the very beginning of this article is the fact that “BUT HE IS PEYTON MANNING”.

Yes. I got that part, but look at Tennessee’s entire roster. None of the players are in the least bit cocky. They all work well together and are able to communicate. They have their two start quarterbacks that are really close friends, knowing they are competing with each other for the starting position. Manning would NOT be okay with a situation like that.

Look at the maturity that Cortland Finnegan took with the release of him due to free agency. He didn’t know of anything else that a player could have done to make Tennessee want to sign him. He understood, too, that football is a business. He honestly thought he would retire in Tennessee. He moved on and understands he has a duty to fulfill in St. Louis.

The team welcomes in new players with joy and they always look forward to new teammates. However, bringing in an ego like Manning may result in some players not being very happy with the management.

What’s the reason Peyton Manning left Indianapolis again? Sound familiar?

5.)    Manning is focused on Winning and Winning alone. Who’s to say he wants to teach?

With all this talk about it being good to go to Tennessee, who is to say this big shot wants to teach any one anything? Whether he is in Denver teaching Tebow or Tennessee teaching Locker. That is not exactly something that is on his “To-do” List.

He is going to be focused on the money and winning. Of which Tennessee’s purpose of signing him was going to be to help teach Locker. I don’t see that adding up.

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