Indianapolis Colts Add Two More New Players

By J.M. Nicholas

Since the first week of January, the Indianapolis Colts have went through a house-cleaning unlike any other team in recent memory. Now that much of the franchise has been recycled, the Colts must look towards how to rebuild, and whom to rebuild with.

Indianapolis has not made much of a splash in free agency, but has quietly added several key players at several key positions in this off-season already. On Wednesday, Indianapolis added offensive line players Mike McGlynn and Samson Satele to the rebuilding process. The Colts could use any help they can get, with an offensive line that was injured and unstable for much of last season.

McGlynn is a four-year veteran, who played his first three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, under the Colts’ new general manager Ryan Grigson. Grigson, a former offensive lineman, was also the Director of player personnel in Philadelphia. In 2010, McGlynn started 14 games for an Eagles team that finished in the NFL’s top ten in passing and rushing.

Ryan Grigson’s time with the Eagles helped in bringing Mike McGlynn to the Colts. “Mike is a tough, smart, and versatile interior offensive lineman that plays hard, snap to whistle,” Grigson said. “We are looking forward to seeing him contribute immediately.”

Indianapolis also added Samson Satele to the offensive line ranks. Satele, who will be entering his sixth NFL season, was a full time starter with the Oakland Raiders for the last two years. With Satele, Oakland finished second in the league in rushing two seasons ago, and seventh in the league in rushing last season.

Satele spoke about signing with Indianapolis. “It’s a brand new team. It feels like a family. It’s a fresh, new start for me and a fresh, new team. I can’t wait to get this rolling.”

Last week, Satele was arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct. Satele, 27, was arrested around 4:00 a.m. and was released on $500 bail at 4:50 a.m. Satele is scheduled in court on April 18th for the misdemeanor charge.

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson seemed secure and positive about the acquisition of Samson Satele. “Samson is an experienced, productive, and highly competitive offensive center. He has all the necessary traits to be one of the top centers in the NFL. He is not only a great player, but a great person and family man, as well.”

From top to bottom on offense and defense, Indianapolis has a lot of work to do. It’s not a bad start to try and rebuild an offensive line that allowed 35 sacks and had a -12 turnover ratio last year. Piece by piece, Indianapolis is trying to start a new chapter in the history of their franchise. The transition will take time, but with patience comes prosperity.



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