Jacksonville Jaguars Wise To Avoid Tim Tebow Sideshow

By Joey Farbo

Tim Tebow will not be coming home after all.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Denver Broncos have traded Tebow to the New York Jets for a 4th-round draft pick.

While there will be a faction of Jacksonville Jaguars fans that will be disappointed that Tebow is not returning to his hometown to compete for the Jaguars starting quarterback job, the team is better off in the long term for not acquiring Tebow.

While Tebow is extremely popular in North Florida, his presence would have created a massive distraction for a franchise trying to build a winning tradition on the field.

It was less than one year ago that the Jaguars traded up to select Blaine Gabbert as their quarterback of the future, bringing in Tebow would have piled on an unnecessary amount of pressure on the young signal caller. The radical faction of Tebow fans would have booed Gabbert the first time he threw an incomplete pass in training camp.

By all accounts a trade for Tebow would have had to come from the top, as it was well documented that the people who make the football decisions for the Jaguars were not at all enamored with Tebow’s talent as a quarterback. If new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan would have forced a trade for Tebow, he would have risked alienating the general manager that he has said he has full faith in.

Even worse, Khan would have been labeled a tinkerer. It would be hard for Khan to lure elite personnel men and coaches to Jacksonville if he had the reputation of overriding their decisions.

While Tebow would have had a temporary effect on the amount of attention and maybe given the Jaguars a small bump in ticket sales, the boost would only be temporary if the Jaguars could not translate it to wins on the field. With or without Tebow, the most effective sales pitch the Jaguars can make to the fans in Jacksonville is by putting a consistent winner on the field.

There is a slim chance that Tebow would have played well enough to be the Jaguars franchise quarterback for the next ten years.

The bottom line is that when push came to shove I did not read one article about Tebow coming to Jacksonville making them a better football team on the field. Everybody suggested that Tebow’s worth to the Jaguars was purely monetary.

Teams that make football decisions based on money usually are not that successful on the field.

The Jaguars brought in new head coach Mike Mularkey back in January because they believe he has the skills to turn Gabbert into the franchise quarterback they think he can be. Bringing in Tebow would have jeopardized the future of the franchise for a temporary solution to a non-existent ticket sales problem.

The Jaguars were wise to avoid the circus.

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