New York Jets Acquire Tim Tebow From Denver Broncos as the Football Universe Explodes

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In a move that gives new meaning to the Big Apple Circus, the New York Jets have made a big trade with the Denver Broncos, acquiring the one and only Tim Tebow for a fourth- and sixth- round draft pick in this April’s draft.

According to multiple reports, the Jets will also receive a seventh-round pick back from Denver along with the 24-year-old Tebow, who likely will be a Wildcat specialist in certain offensive packages.

Last night, when the rumors of a possible deal began, I warned the Jets about the ramifications of acquiring such a unique player like Tim Tebow could be. His fans can be toxic. They do more harm than good.

Now, that’s the bed the Jets have made, for better or for worse.

Tim Tebow is a New York Jet. Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow will be in the same locker room. Imagine that?

The cost to acquire him, in the end, was pretty reasonable. The Jets get a pretty good football player for just a fourth- and a sixth-round pick. The circus that follows him, however? Not much of a bargain.

Let’s be clear. Tim Tebow is not coming here to challenge Mark Sanchez for the Jets’ starting quarterback job. Or even Drew Stanton/Greg McElroy for the backup quarterback job.

Tebow is a gadget player and was acquired to run gadget plays in certain offensive subpackages. Wildcat snaps, where he won’t be asked to throw very much, and they’ll cater to his strengths: running the football.

The Jets have a new “slash” player that replaces the departed Brad Smith, who signed with the Buffalo Bills in 2011.

Tebow will combine with Jeremy Kerley and Joe McKnight, among others, to form one of the most potent single-wing/Wildcat packages in football, under the guidance of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

The ridiculousness that is Tebowmania is going to be a necessary evil, unfortunately. The unstable, crazy fans will follow Tebow to New York, and the circus will get even more absurd.

But in the end, the Jets have acquired a great ball carrier who can help them get back to that ground-and-pound offense they love so much.

It’s a shame that the sideshow of the Tebow fanatics will bring such negativity to a move like this. But X’s and O’s wise, I do like it.

This move gives the Jets the top flight running back they’ve been missing for a long time. Time will tell, of course. It’s unconventional, for sure. But maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.


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