New York Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie Not Happy About Tim Tebow Trade

By Eric Haftel

While I’m sure this won’t be the only comment made by a New York Jet regarding the Jets trading for quarterback, Tim Tebow, it is the first negative one.

Cornerback, Antonio Cromartie tweeted:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/ACromartie/status/182485807142154240″]

Something tells me that this won’t go unpunished. Players aren’t allowed to trash ownership for decision that they make in hopes of making the team better.

I am sure that Mark Sanchez is sitting somewhere with a smile on his face because of this post though.You have to know that Sanchez is worried about his job security and is very uncertain about his future. Sanchez will be looking to his teammates who have backed him his entire career for support. They are the ones that will be pulling for Sanchez. It won’t be the fans or ownership obviously.

Look for the Jets to have a mixture of very welcoming and unwelcoming to Tebow. You have to remember that, this is no ordinary player. You are welcoming the media, fans and of course god himself into your locker room.

Cromartie isn’t the only one tweeting about Tebow to the Jets however.

The Washington Redskins official account just tweeted:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Redskins/status/182526346185015296″]

His now former teammate, Brian Dawkins, tweeted thanks to Tebow:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/BrianDawkins/status/182516616163106816″]

Im sure this is just the beginning to Tebow reaction on Twitter. More players and more teams may decide to throw their two cents in and we will keep you updated the whole way through.

Good luck Tebow. You will be a starter before long is the fans have anything to do with it.

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