New York Jets-Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Trade Finalized After Hitting Initial Snag

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Update: The Jets and Broncos have agreed to a deal. The $5 million dispute will be split evenly between both teams. Tim Tebow is a New York Jet.

Below is the original article.


Hold your horses broncos, Jets fans.

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos had agreed upon a trade earlier today that would’ve sent Tim Tebow to New York in exchange for a fourth- and a sixth-round draft pick in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

However, now according to reports, the Tebow trade is not a done deal, and in fact may now be in danger of falling through all together.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that there’s a contractual snag that the Jets weren’t aware of when they agreed to a deal, and they’re disputing it to the point that the two sides are now negotiating parameters of a deal again.

Over a series of tweets, Schefter claims that the Jacksonville Jaguars previously balked at similar contractual issues, and that the St. Louis Rams may try to get back into the Tebow trade talks if the Jets deal gets nullified.

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Are we having fun yet?

Some are saying that the Jets were unaware of this $5 million payment prior to agreeing upon a trade, and it’s possible that they’ll be on the hook for it because of the language of Tebow’s contract.

Could the Jets really have been so negligent to have not read the contract before agreeing upon a deal? It sounds ridiculous, but at this point nothing would be too ridiculous for a story like this.

I don’t blame the Jets for objecting over $5 million. That’s a lot of money and it’s enough of a dealbreaker for me say no to a guy I really would rather stay away in the first place.

Stay tuned, as this developing story is apparently far from over. It really looks like the deal may not get done, though.

Update: Schefter and NFL business analysis Andrew Brandt with updates:

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Well that was fun! Tebow is a Jet after all. What a whirlwind.


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