Report: New York Jets Acquire Tim Tebow For Fourth Round Pick

By Riley Schmitt

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The Tim Tebow trade saga is finally over.  Thanks to Fox’s own Jay Glazer, the New York Jets have acquired the former Denver Broncos quarterback for just a fourth round draft pick.  Tebow was expendable since Denver just brought in Peyton Manning.

The Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow dynamic will be interesting to watch this upcoming season.  If Sanchez struggles, how long will it be before Jets fans begin to clamor for Tebow?  Tebow might not be a pure pocket presence, but running the Wildcat with him and Shonn Greene could make the Jets offense quite formidable.

Tebow is certainly going to bring the fans in.  Look for Tebow jerseys to be popping up all over the Northeast.  Tebow’s unique brand of charm will be a breath of fresh air to the New York area.

However, the tabloids could have a field day with Tebow.  I would be shocked if Tebow’s reputation remains clean after spending a year or two having to dodge the media.  Look what happened to Alex Rodriguez after repeated exposure to the tabloids.

In the end, I really like this move for the Jets.  They just picked up a quarterback who led his team to the playoffs for a measly fourth round pick.  That’s a steal in this day and age.  Starting quarterbacks are at a preminum, even if they don’t throw like a typical pocket passer.

We will bring you plenty more reaction to the Tebow trade and how it will impact the Jets going forward.  Stay tuned.

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