Report: Tim Tebow Trade To New York Jets Could Be Nullified

By Riley Schmitt

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The Tim Tebow trade may not be completed just yet.  According to Adam Schefter, the New York Jets and Denver Broncos have reached a hangup on some of the language in Tebow’s contract.  This could force the Jets to back out of the trade.

I’m not even sure about the odds on this falling through.  If I were to place a bet, I would say there’s a 30 percent chance the deal falls through.  If it’s a serious hangup, it could fall through fast.  However, we have no idea how bad the hangup actually is.   It might just require some extra compensation going back to the Jets to help cover costs.

I’ve already heard some reports that the Jets may not welcome Tebow with welcome arms.  It could undermine Mark Sanchez and cause a rift in a locker room that isn’t known for being full of sunshine and rainbows.  Plus, adding a star of Tebow’s magnitude to New York’s spotlight can only end badly in the long run.

We will continue to search out more information about this supposed hang up.  This would certainly open back up the Tebow sweepstakes.  Expect the  Jacksonville Jaguars and new owner Shadid Kahn to make a serious push to acquire Tebow.  They need to sell tickets and keep fan interest high so the team doesn’t have to move down the road.

As with anything concerning Tebow, this is certainly strange.  I have not heard this before, but it certainly makes for an interesting story.  Tebowmania will have to take slight break for now.


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