The Latest on Brian Urlacher and his Knee

By Chris Wickersham

Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher came out on Tuesday and talked about how his knees are doing after the week 17 injury. Where Urlacher reportedly tore both his MCL and PCL against the Minnesota Vikings. Urlacher joined ESPN 1000 on Tuesday and talked about how his knees are doing.

Urlacher has this to say:
“There are some things I still can’t do,” including play golf, but said he has rehabilitated at a purposefully slow rate given the long off-season. He expects to participate in the Bears’ off-season program and “do everything with the team.”

Urlacher also said the injury he suffered to his knee was “nasty” and that both ligaments were “damaged”.

Urlacher will turn 34 in May and his knees may be a problem during the off-season workout. However, the Chicago Bears will play it safe and don’t worry about his knees. From what Urlacher said, he will be 100% healthy coming into the upcoming season.

Urlacher has been in the Bears defense for a long time and out of every player, he is one player that the Bears don’t need to be on the field (non-games). That defense is his and he knows the defense in his sleep. So … if I were you, I wouldn’t be too worried. He will be on the field come the start of next season.

A few weeks back, I wrote an article up about Brian Urlacher and retirement ( yes, he has talked about that too. But don’t be too worried. I 100% expect him to be back next season). You can find that article here.

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