Tim Tebow is Officially Heading to the New York Jets

By Daniel Canova

Tim Tebow has decided to take his talents to New York City, and he will be the backup quarterback of the New York Jets.

Backup Quarterback?  Are you kidding me??

After all of my years of studying NFL Football, (and must I remind you, I am only 19 years old), I have never seen something like this for a below average player who has a career completion percentage of 47.3!  In the 2011-2012 NFL season alone, his completion percentage was 46.5!  Even worse!

So why do the New York Jets make this strange move?  That’s the question everybody wants to know, and here’s my take on it.

Money and attention.

The New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow basically to stir up the New York crowd, draw more fans, sell more jerseys, and to obviously put more pressure on the Sanchize, Mark Sanchez.  When the first regular season game arrives in early September, and Mark Sanchez drops back and throws an early interception, please refer back to this very article because the New York fans will “boo” the daylights out of Sanchez, and they will be chanting for Tim Tebow.  Just watch.  The Jets are sick of being the “little brother” of the New York Giants (which they clearly are), so making a move like this basically puts them over the top because the entire nation is behind Tebow.  If you don’t believe me, try going on ESPN.com and search the poll of, “Who should be the New York Jets starting quarterback next year, Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?”  and see it for yourself.  At one point, the poll favored Tebow 61% to 39%.

My prediction on this entire situation is as followed:

In the beginning of the season, Tim Tebow will be used in the offense for Wildcat Formation purposes only.  Maybe goal line plays, and other very close situations where it’s Tebow’s job to steamroll over a 250 pound linebacker.  Something very typical for a quarterback to do.  Not.

New Offensive Coordinator, Tony Sparano, used the same system when he was Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins.  He incorporated the system with Ronnie Brown, and Ricky Williams, both whom were very solid at running the Wildcat.

Now he has Timothy Tebow.

Nobody can run this system better than Tebow, especially since he ran this on a regular basis back when he was at Florida with Urban Meyer.  You can run out of this formation, throw, and option.  All and all, this doesn’t work for long.  It’s more of a system that is ran between 7-10 times a game.  10 the most.

Keep in mind these are my predictions for the Jets this upcoming season.

Once the New York Jets fall to a record they are not happy with, the fans will demand Tim Tebow to overtake Sanchez as the starter.  And boy, trust me it works.  Ask Kyle Orton, he’s now the backup in Dallas.

The New York Jets will be put into the worst situation possible, and Tebow will become the starter.  Not only will the Jets continue to do bad, but Tebow will be booed off the field at MetLife Stadium. Jets General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum will be fired for the stupidity of making this acquisition, and Rex Ryan will no longer be the coach of the New York Jets.

I promise I’m not mean.  It’s just reality.

The End.


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