Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: The Chicago Bears Should Stay Away

By gilgerard

With all the Tim Tebow trade rumors floating around, I think it’s important to discuss why the Chicago Bears should stay away from Tim Tebow. I’m sorry for all the people that really believe in Tim Tebow as a quarterback, but he’s just not any good- yet. I feel like he was thrown under this microscope because the Denver Broncos reached ridiculously high in the first round, and he was never given the opportunity to develop.

Is there hope for Tim Tebow? Sure. I mean, there are multiple quarterbacks that didn’t get the job done right away, but those quarterbacks had a lot going for them in terms of arm strength, accuracy, and mechanics. Tim Tebow is NOT a winner at the pro level, and what he did in college no longer matters.

Tim Tebow is a good kid. He’s a role model. That doesn’t and won’t ever make him a good quarterback, and that’s why he won’t fit in Chicago.

The Bears invested in Jay Cutler, and just signed Jason Campbell to back him up. To bring Tim Tebow in will cause major disruption among the Bears faithful, and ultimately will lead to pressure ownership in trading Cutler in favor of a “fan favorite.”

Jay Cutler is the quarterback of this franchise, and the Bears need to continue to invest all their resources in him and make sure he has all the weapons he needs to succeed. They got off to a great start by trading for Brandon Marshall, but they can’t and shouldn’t be done yet.

It’s just incredibly important for all Bears fans to recognize that Tim Tebow is not the answer and Chicago, and I would be the most surprised fan on the planet if the Bears traded for him. Hopefully we never have to discuss this again.

Update: Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for a 4th Round Pick.

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