Newly Acquired New York Jets Quarterback, Tim Tebow, Reacts To Trade

By Eric Haftel

The newest New York Jet quarterback, Tim Tebow, reacted to the trade for the first time in a late-night conference call with reporters.

One of the things that Tebow highlighted was his friendship with current starting qb, Mark Sanchez. He said they are blessed to be friends.

“He called me left a voicemail and I tried to sift through all my voicemails and heard his and called him back,” Tebow said of Sanchez. “We had a great conversation, and I’m looking forward to seeing him soon. We’ve been blessed to get to know each other over the last couple years.”

Tebow later clarified that contrary to reports that he was involved in the decision on where he ended up, he had no input.

“Well ultimately I really didn’t have any (say) because the Broncos had all that power,” an upbeat Tebow said. “And they’re very gracious they were talking to my agent all day, I got to speak with Coach Fox a few times, really not about any of the trades, just him talking to me, wishing the best, which I was very thankful for, very classy. “

Jets General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum, clarified what Tebow’s role will be with the team earlier on today.

“We’re excited to add Tebow as a member of the Jets,” Tannenbaum said in a conference call Wednesday. “Mark Sanchez is, has been and will be our starting quarterback. We’re adding Tim to be our backup quarterback and play in other packages as coach (Rex) Ryan and (offensive coordinator Tony) Sparano see fit.”

Tebow said he understood and is looking forward to the oppourtunity.

“It is very clear, they want me to come in and compete and get better and get better as a quarterback and help the team in any way possible and whatever that role is, I’ll do my best,” Tebow said. “Every time I step on that field, I’ll give my heart and soul, I’ll do my best.”

Tebow finished by exclaiming his excitement to be a Jet and thanked their loyal fans.

“I think it’s a great market, and a great city,” Tebow said. “I’m excited to be a Jet now playing for an organization that has such passionate fans, so many people that care about them. It’s very exciting, that definitely means a lot to me.”

Tebow sure seems excited about this new opportunity. It looks like a great fit if what he says is true about him and Sanchez. I am sure that Jets fans are hopeful that Tebow comes in and rocks the boat enough to get the team motivated.

Look for Tebow’s welcoming into Jets country to be split down the middle by fans and teammates, as we have already seen by cornerback, Antonio Cromartie’s reaction.

Best of luck Tebow. I hope to see you as a starter sooner rather then later.

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