"Not So Fast My Friend!"-Indianapolis Colts May be Undecided on Andrew Luck

By Christopher B. Batchelder

As the great Lee Corso from Saturday game-day would say, “Not so fast, my friend!” This statement can be made for Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts. The decision they have to make will affect their franchise for years to come and I have all the confidence in the world that they will make the right one, because they have to.

Robert Griffin III had his pro day yesterday and impressed many team officials, including the Colts. Griffin is a special talent. He can run the ball better than most running backs, he is smart and pays attention to detail, but the most underrated part of his game is his ability to throw the football. Griffin is a quarterback who will be good for many years and is an owner’s dream. He will sell tickets just like all big-name guys do.

Andrew Luck has his pro day on Thursday and is expected to impress even more than Griffin did. Luck has it all. He can make throws, is smart and is a quick thinker. However, don’t sleep on his athletic ability as he is more athletic than he receives credit for. In fact, his numbers from the NFL Combine were almost identical to Cam Newton’s from 2011. Luck will be a very good pro and I don’t think anyone honestly believes he will fall to No.2, but Griffin sure is giving him a run for his money.

The decision of the right quarterback in 2012 is much like the decision in 1998. There were two great college quarterbacks coming into the NFL via draft, which many said would both have outstanding careers. The  Colts decided on Peyton Manning while the San Diego Chargers picked Ryan Leaf, who ended his short career as one of the biggest busts in NFL history. It’s ironic that the Colts are in the same situation again. Will they make the right choice?

We are still over a month away from the 2012 NFL Draft and the debate is just starting to heat up. Expect to see each player’s stock rise and fall throughout this whole process. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either of these guys.

The question now is who goes No.1? The Washington Redskins traded up to get the No.2 Pick, but who will be there at No. 2? Don’t assume that Andrew Luck is a lock for No.1; in fact, don’t be surprised to see the Colts shock everyone and take Robert Griffin III with their selection. Only time will tell and it should be one heck of ride until we know for sure.

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