Obituary of Denver Broncos Fan Espouses Hate For Peyton Manning

By Kris Hughes

For the most part, the arrival of first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning to lead the Denver Broncos into the 2012-2013 NFL season has been met with excitement, and welcoming arms by fans in the Mile High City.

Broncos fan Jim Driver was not a part of this group.

The 78 year old Driver, a life-long Broncos fan and former Eagle, Colorado resident left nothing to interpretation as to why he passed on March 19th, a few days before Manning signed with the Broncos.

His obituary stated:

James H. “Jim” Driver, 78, of Eagle, Colo., formerly of Columbia, passed away Monday, March 19, 2012, at South Hampton Place in Columbia, Missouri after a brief illness. An avid Broncos fan, he abhorred Manning and evidently wanted out before a deal was done.

Wanted out before a deal was done?

Seems clear-cut to me.

I can honestly say in all of my years watching and writing about sports I have never come across a fan with the level of abhorrence for a single player like Jim Driver must have had for Peyton Manning.

It’s all speculation about the reason behind Drivers’ dislike for the Tennessee native, but one has to figure it was something profound, and likely more than the Saturday Night Live appearances, wild line of scrimmage gesticulations, or goofy Oreo commercials with his newly infamous, Super Bowl-winning brother.

You also have to wonder if Jim Driver made sure that whomever wrote his obit would not use Peyton Manning’s full name in print.

It does just say “Manning” after all.

By all accounts, Jim Driver was a great guy, and reading his full obituary will show you just that.

He has a lasting legacy no matter what.

His intense hate for Peyton Manning just makes that legacy all the more colorful.

Kris Hughes is the College Football Network Manager for Rant Sports. If you enjoy his writing, you can follow Kris onTwitter, check out his personal Facebook page, or stop by his personal Tumblr page for more takes!


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