The New York Jets and Tim Tebow

By garymarchese

The Jets have traded for phenomenon Tim Tebow.  The Jets gave up a fourth and sixth round draft pick in exchange for him.  Tebow was the quarterback of the Denver Broncos who won the AFC West at 8-8 last season.  He and the Broncos shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs but that is where his magic ended.  Tebow has drawn a lot of attention both positive and negative and now he is coming to New York.  New York has Linsanity and now they will have Tebowmania.

Tebow will not be the quarterback for the New York Jets.  The Jets after failing to land superstar quarterback Peyton Manning signed Mark Sanchez to a three year extension.  Will this push Sanchez, anger him, make him sweat??  I guess we will find out but the Jets insist he is the starter and that is not why they brought in Tebow.  They insist that Tebow is the backup and will have a package of plays designed just for him.  It looks like they will be running the wildcat with him for a set amount of plays each game.  This should be a very interesting season for the New York Jets.

I am not sure if this is going to work out, I actually think it isn’t the smartest move.  The Jets though will ultimately be judged on their wins and losses.  I am not one that likes to get on the guy for his religion and that seems to be what most do.  Tebow has never asked for the attention, the media has created the Tebowmania.  He is just a football player trying to win games and get better himself.  Tebow is a great competitor and I think he could succeed in New York.  I think the problem will be when the fans are calling for him.  If he runs a few good plays they will want to see him more.  If Sanchez is playing bad they will want Tebow as the starter.  I think this could be very bad for Sanchez.  The locker room was already shattered last year, I don’t know how this will help.

I think the Jets think this will motivate Sanchez but I think it will be a big distraction for him and the team.  Tebow also will have a lot of distraction being in New York.  I am not sure if he will be able to handle all the attention and temptation that comes his way.  He will have a whole off-season to try and get used to it.  He already got a taste as he landed in New Jersey on Thursday afternoon.  Tebow will hold his first press conference with the Jets on Monday afternoon.  The Jets and all of New York will be in full Tebowmania mode on Monday.

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