Bounty Was Placed on Former Washington Redskins QB Brad Johnson in '06

By Dan Parzych

With the news regarding New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton being suspended for the entire 2012 season, it seems like this whole “bounty-hunting” mess won’t be going away anytime soon. Now, it appears some of the bounties from former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams can be traced all the way back to the 2006 season–when he was a member of the Washington Redskins.

According to David Elfin of CBS Washington via Michael David Smith of, Williams was willing to pay $15,000 on opening weekend in 2006 to any player that took Brad Johnson–who was a member of the Minnesota Vikings at the time–out of the game. Johnson spent two years as a member of the Redskins during the 1999 and 2000 season and apparently there was some “bad blood” between the quarterback and owner Daniel Snyder–which Elfin claims was part of the reason for Williams placing a bounty on him.

From Elfin’s article:

“Gregg came in and dropped $15,000 on the (table) and said, ‘Brad Johnson doesn’t finish this game. This is Wednesday and the money will go up later in the week. It could double or triple by the end of the week,’ “one of the players recalled. “A couple of guys kinda got excited. (Defensive line coach) Greg Blache said, ‘If you get fined, it will be taken care of.’

A second Redskin, who also asked to remain anonymous, corroborated his teammate’s account.

“I can’t say for sure it was $15,000, but I definitely remember that happening before that Minnesota game,” the second player said. “And I can’t say for sure that those were G-Dub’s exact words about Brad Johnson, but that was certainly the message.  I had never heard anything like that before from a coach, but I wasn’t shocked because that was G-Dub’s character, so in your face. His language was always X-rated and our meetings were usually pretty nuts.”

Obviously, anyone that has played under Williams is going to avoid giving their name in these types of reports as much as possible to avoid getting involved with this messy situation. Williams was recently suspended indefinitely for his cruel actions and this is most likely just the beginning of more stories that are bound to come out over the next few months as the NFL continues their attempt to gather all of the details from this incident.

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