Washington Redskins, It’s Time to Re-sign London Fletcher

It’s truly unfortunate the Washington Redskins have not found a way to re-sign London Fletcher. He deserves more respect than this.

Here’s a player, almost 37 years old, the leading tackler in the NFL last season, consistently pushed aside in silence.  He almost didn’t get to the Pro Bowl- Insult? No, an injustice. This is why I barely watch the Pro Bowl.

He’s a gentle giant. You don’t hear about London Fletcher. You don’t see London Fletcher. He’s not on Twitter complaining.

In fact, if you go on his Twitter page, his future as a Redskin  is not even a topic of discussion.

Why is that? I’ll tell you why. He’s the bigger man. He knows his worth. He doesn’t need to go around grumbling about himself. He lets his work speak for him.

And then there’s the money issue.

According to ESPN, on Friday Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander  said the reason for the hold up could be “ the $36 million salary cap penalty with which the NFL hit the Redskins on the day before free agency is the reason for the holdup. ”

Ah yes, the almighty dollar…or dollars (however you want to say it).

If it’s money, give the man what he’s worth. The last thing we need is for him to  go to  a team like the Philadelphia Eagles or the (gagging as I type the letters) Dallas…Cowboys…

Do we really want to see these stats somewhere else?

  • In 2009 : 142 total tackles (95 solo, 47 assisted).
  • In 2010:  136 total tackles (87 solo, 49 assisted).
  • In 2011:   166 total tackles (96 solo, 70 assisted).

How much more does he have to do?

Come on Redskins, you’ve sold your soul already to a guy you’ve only see play in college, now put your money behind a man that you know can play the game. He deserves it.   RG3 may be the solution to a secure quarterback situation, but London Fletcher is the truth behind the tackling. Don’t run behind the age factor, give him what he’s due.



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  • EC

    I have been saying this since January. RE-SIGN LONDON FLETCHER!!! If The Redskins don’t sign him, that would be too much to replace in such a short notice.

  • DKasinger

    We should have signed him as soon as the season was over he is a stud and a good guy I love going to the games and watch him play he leaves it on the field and I do not live in DC I live in CA and we travel all over to watch them play

  • DKasinger

    This is a shame that he has not been signed he is a stud oon the field and a good person off the field and we travel all over to watch them play my son is 11 and he loves Fletcher and I would be upset if they do not sign him he leaves it all an the field every game