After the Peyton Manning Scare in Tennessee Some of the Titans Share Their Opinions

By Stephanie Umek

There was a lot of hype in the last few weeks on whether or not Peyton Manning was going to become a Tennessee Titan or not. Now that the drama is over and he is settled in with the Denver Broncos, there may be a few ruffled feathers left in Tennessee.

Fortunately the starting quarterbacks are not that offended by the situation. Matt Hasselbeck released a statement recently telling everyone that he understood the method behind the madness. But think about it, if you were Matt Hasselbeck you would probably be offended by the situation.

The quote that he released to the NFL Players Association’s annual meeting this past Thursday said, “I just sort of expected that because…who he was in the state. I get it. It wasn’t a shock to me”.

With all due respect to Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselbeck has been able to earn his spot on the Titans roster and he is already in competition with Jake Locker for the position of starting quarterback. Understanding that football is a business, it is out of sorts to throw in a big time name just to get some coverage.

And then to lose the deal? Come on Bud Adams, Manning wanted more then you could offer and according to me, and frankly some of the Titans players, it’s for the better.  These opinions also include recently signed, Lavelle Hawkins, who shared his opinions with

“We are good with what we have, so I wasn’t too worried about it. This year, with all of us coming back and with Matt and Jake, we want to build off the things we did last year. I want to grow with those guys.”

Dear Lavelle, I agree. The Titans finished the season last year with a 9-7 record. It was not the best record in the NFL, but it surely wasn’t the worst. General Manager Ruston Webster and Head Coach Mike Munchak said in the beginning of the offseason that they were comfortable with both Hasselbeck and Locker, and to be honest, isn’t that a good problem to have?

Look at the problems that Denver had trying to get rid of Tim Tebow. It was probably never in his mind that he would not be returning to Denver next season. Hasselbeck is loved in Tennessee, and just like Tebow was loved in Denver, he will be loved in New York. So much that they already have a sandwich named in honor of him becoming a part of the New York Jets team.

Now that Tennessee is all settled in their ways, they can continue to run their off-season and worry about the main problem: the defense.

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