Ryan Tannehill: Taking a Closer Look

By Jeff Everette

The Miami Dolphins hold the 8th pick in this years draft, and while they have needs all over the field, the team has been adamant about improving at the quarterback position.  With Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III going with the first two picks, the next talent on the list is Texas A&M quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

The biggest knock against the 6 foot 4, 220 pound Tannehill, seems to be his lack of experience.  He only started 19 games during his college career, but during that time he showed a ton of potential.  He spent his first two years as an Aggie playing in the wide receiver position, which explains his lack of experience under center, but also shows his range of ability.  He has a great arm and is extremely mobile for his size.  He is able to make every throw required, but seems to lack anticipation, letting the route develop before releasing the ball.

If Tannehill is still sitting there when the Dolphins come up to bat, you can count on them to add him to their roster, but he has to make it past the Cleveland Browns first.  Most analysts feel that that the Browns will take Trent Richardson, Alabama’s bruising running back, but with Colt McCoy under center in Cleveland, there is no doubt they have their eyes on the QB list.  Not to say that McCoy needs to be replaced, but it is a possibility.

If Cleveland does indeed take Richardson, then Tannehill will likely be there for the Dolphins to take.  This will put pressure on Matt Moore and David Gerrard, both of whom will be competing for the starting position when training camps begin.  The people have seen what both of those quarterbacks are capable of, and while it may not be a completely fair assessment, no one believes that either has what it takes to lead the Dolphins back to their former glory.  With Tannehill sitting in the wings, it seems nearly certain that the fans will be calling for the rookie by week 3.

With the current state of the Dolphin fan base, the team needs to secure Tannehill to bring a ray of hope to South Florida.  Without that, the off season will feel like a disaster, and Miami will have no problem holding down the fourth position in the AFC East.

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