GM Rick Spielman Says Vikings are 'Taking it Slow'

By Andrew Fisher

In case it wasn’t already obvious to most Minnesota Vikings fans, General Manager Rick Spielman has confirmed that the team is “taking it easy,” in free agency so far this off-season.

“We’re again taking it slow,” Spielman said. “We’re not going to go out – I just don’t believe in going out and spending a lot of big money on one or two free agents.”

“I think the best way you continually build your roster is to have solid drafts. We had a very good draft last year, and a lot of those young kids will come into their second year and have to contribute.”

According to the report from the StarTribune, the Vikings are still $15 Million under the salary cap. Given this fact, it’s unlikely the team is done in free agency, but signing any big names, seems to be stretch at this point.

“There are some guys that will come in and compete at different positions if we’re able to get them,” he said. “We’re looking to upgrade in a lot of different areas, but a lot of times you can get those upgrades accomplished without the high-name guys or high-priced guys.”

Overall, I have to agree with the off-season strategy of the Vikings so far. Sure it’s not flashy, and the fan in me wants to get news of a big name signing, but unless a great opportunity presents itself, taking it slow is the best long-term option for the franchise.

It’s clear the Vikings are putting all their stock in this year’s draft class. The No. 3 pick is high enough, that you can easily get a franchise changing player. The question now becomes, will the Vikings continue to play it safe in the draft and take Offensive Tackle Matt Kalil?

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