New Documentary on Brett Favre to Release; Start of Many

By Andrew Fisher

On April 18th, a documentary about NFL legend Brett Favre will debut at an annual film festival in Wisconsin. The film is titled  ‘Last Day at Lambeau,’ and it covers the end of Favre’s time with the Green Bay Packers, through his last pass at Lambeau Field with the Minnesota Vikings.

It should be no shock to anyone that Favre already has a documentary about him, as this figures to be the start of many more to come, now that he is finally “retired” from football.

Love or hate him, the last few years of Favre’s career are easily documentary worthy. A guy spends his whole career with one team, temporarily retires, and goes to New York for a year. Then goes to one of Green Bay’s biggest rivals, and almost takes them to the Super Bowl. It definitely makes for quality documentary material.

The circus that was Favre’s final three seasons, was partially his fault, for a ridiculous amount of indecisiveness, but a lot of the blame has to go to the media, specifically ESPN. If Brett Favre took a whiz, we knew about it. Sure Favre could have handled the situation differently, but there is no doubt the media blew the story way out of proportion.

Though Favre may have had an agenda his last few seasons, I have always maintained that regardless of all the drama, at the end of the day Favre was still a guy who just loved to play football, and went out every game to do that to the best of his ability. I hope that doesn’t get lost in the mix with the rest of this documentary.

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