Panthers re-sign Derek Anderson

By Dave Daniels

The Carolina Panthers have re-signed their back-up quarterback from last year.

Derek Anderson was an excellent mentor to Cam Newton last year, seizing the back-up job from the much maligned Jimmy Clausen. Anderson is super familiar with the playbook and was a coach to Newton after every drive, letting him know what went well and what didn’t.

Anderson was a Pro Bowler for the Cleveland Browns in 2007, and never attempted a pass, but was the back-up for all 16 games last year.

“I think I did some good things as far as my role, helping this team every week where I could, from trying to get the defense ready to helping Cam out,” Anderson said. “Any little bit I could do every week, just based on things I’ve seen and experiences I’ve had, I tried to share. Being in this offense before and understanding things, I just tried to give subtle reminders, just little quick things that hit my brain during the course of the game or the course of preparation. It helps to have somebody who has been through it.”

This is a good move for Cam Newton, and keeping things familiar for him to try to re-create last year’s magic.

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