2012 NFL Draft : Three Top 10 Picks Don’t Want To Play For The Cleveland Browns.

CLEVELAND, OH – If perception is reality, then the Cleveland Browns have a BP oil spill-size public image problem, not just locally, but nationally as well.

According to Daryl Ruiter, Cleveland Browns Beat Reporter For 92.3 “The Fan”, the Cleveland Browns reputation as a dysfunctional franchise that is not dedicated to winning, has allegedly turned off the top three draft picks in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Matt Miller, Senior NFL Draft Lead Writer For Bleacher Report reported that three potential top-10 draft picks do not want to play for Cleveland.

Miller would state, “I have now heard from three agents. all with Top 10 picks, who don’t want to play for the #Browns” in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Miller would go on to add “At least one agent said, “They(Cleveland) aren’t trying to win there, with that QB(McCoy), those draft picks”

Cleveland, who owns the fourth pick in April, have been rumored to trade down, may opt to trade out of the top 10 for the third time in four years.

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini would trade the fifth overall pick in 2009 to the New York Jets—who would use the pick to land former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez—Cleveland would trade down again in the first round to eventually land current starting center Alex Mack out of California.

Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert would facilitate a Cleveland trade the sixth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to Atlanta at #27—who would use the selection on wide receiver Julio Jones of Alabama—the Browns would trade up with Kansas City at #21 to land defensive tackle Phil Taylor out of Baylor.

Miller would also point out the poor perception hurting the Browns in free agency as a possible reason why Cleveland has not been able to land any players after being being attacked by Browns supporters on Twitter.

“#Browns fans are missing the point. A) Don’t shoot the messenger. B) Draftees not wanting to play there says a lot about free agency too.”

Miller would going on to further state that “until the ship gets righted they’re going to have trouble bring in marquee free agents”

While Cleveland is a vocal, loyal and die-hard fanbase, Miller’s words do sting with a painful reality, in the sense that Cleveland is indeed dysfunctional and needs to establish a form of continuity first.

While Holmgren and Heckert are dedicated to building the Browns thru the draft, 13 years of sub-standard, border-line junior-varsity level football that has produced 16 different starting quarterbacks, four different head coaches with Pat Shurmur being the fifth, would turn any player—including myself, if I played—off of playing in Cleveland.

When second-tier free agents such as Josh Morgan and Pierre Garcon turn you down to go to a team in Washington and play for a over-spending glutton like Dan Snyder, then you know something is wrong.

Many in the Dawg Pound tend to cling to Cleveland’s eight NFL championships that pre-date the Super Bowl era, but in today’s NFL, the Browns for all of their storied and glorious past which includes Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Dante Levelli, fast forward to 2012, and Cleveland nothing more than the NFL’s new Siberia.

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  • matthew

    This is B.S without names. Why even print this with just hearsay? When nobody can ask he “players” themselves….. Publish something with value not made up crap!

    • Robert D. Cobb


      welcome to the blogosphere, my brother! But as a writer, I always double-check my sources and facts before publishing anything, and Matt Miller is one of the MOST respected writers on B/R, and I trust him, especially when he would go out on a limb like this.

  • cleveland browny

    i guess i dont really understand your position on the garcon and morgan comment? Why wouldnt they choose the skins over the browns if snyder is willing to way over pay for their services? any player is gonna jump on the more lucrative deal. be thankful the browns are smarter then that

    • Robert D. Cobb

      cleveland browny,

      Forgive me for trying to be snarky, but what I meant about Garcon/Morgan is the fact that they are second-tier players who got overpaid by a owner in Snyder who has a history of over-paying for underacheivers is not much of a surprise, but the fact that the browns did try to go after them and they chose to go to D.C.–who hasn’t won anything in a while–says something. I hope this clarifies things.

  • joe

    you are nothing more than a hater and a headline hound pussy cat had you actually done any research rather than being 5 days late to state what was said last week you would have listened to daryl’s sunday report he clarified that it was the agent for the top ten picks and not the players themselves so shut the f up and do a little work before you attempt to grab a late headline

    • Robert D. Cobb


      I wish I could even dignify such an inapprorpiate post such as yours with a responses, but I will try.

      First off, such offensive terms such as p—-y, are not tolerated on the Rant Sports sports forum, and the only reason why I chose to approve your comment is to respond in kind.

      Going forward, it makes no difference if an article is five days late or not, this is a opinion piece, NOT an actual report on this issue, if you would have read what I wrote, you will see that I did very careful research into Miller’s comments and wanted to make sure that the information was indeed correct and credible, once again it’s called fact-digging and research.

      Moving on, as a life-long Browns fan, news like this does not surprise me due to the sad state of how the Browns have been run since Randy took over for his dad, the browns have and are a non-factor in football since 99 and I have crossed pathes with Miller and trust his info enough to write something based on it.

      In terms of the agent and not the players saying that, it could be, but until we get all the facts straight, we will never know. One last thing, if you want to gain any respect as a poster, telling people to “shut the f up” over a comment board makes you look less of a person, and I REALLY doubt you would say something like that to me in person.

  • http://yardbarker.com Mike

    Who are the 3 players?Name names.

    • Robert D. Cobb


      Personally, I wish I can name names in this matter, this is what was reported, and I’m just the messenger.

  • Mo Sky

    Finally ,some one with sense I am old enough to remember our last Championship A long long time ago all be it . Lets face it an owner who would rather be in Europe some where wacthing , Bllaccch Soccer . Well Randy is laughing all the way to the bank while the true believers ,hope springs eternal . Good Story ..

    • Robert D. Cobb

      Mo Sky,

      I may be 35, but I’m very well versed on my browns history, and as for Lerner’s real football team in Aston Villa, I’m a Arsenal gunner, we don’t talk about second-rate, relegation-bound teams.

  • http://yardbarker.com kevin kvas

    this is a load of shicrap. any top ranked player would love to play nfl football no matter where it is. they dreamed of this moment all there life. the browns are no worse off then any of the other top ten teams drafting 1-10. the colts are worse then the browns and have no one on there roster. the redskins besides ryan kerrigan and brian orakpo stink,vikings are old on defense and besides adrian peteron stink,the bucs are one big mess and had to try to sign players to try to patch holes from a sinking ship and they couldn’t sign enough because they still have a ton of holes,rams are horrible and mccoy has a higher qb rating then bradford and browns have a better defence and o-line then them,jags stink,miami has no one…..besides who would not want to come and play for one of the greatest football minds ever in prez mike and the best gm in the nfl,with great coaching minds in shurmur,childress,and juron,ray rhodes,gary brown,and the great and greatest football player in the history of the nfl in jim brown is always around the teams fields and head quarters along with other browns greats to help or be there if there needed because once a dawg always a dawg one huge family and even they are apart of our team the new browns and old browns are still one family together part of the old dawgs and new dawgs like i said once a dawg ,once a part of our huge family your always loved and even before baltimore stole our team and super bowls ,the old browns players are around to help and be there for anyone who needs them,its a family envirement with fans,players,coaches and front office. pro bowlers such as josh cribbs,joe thomas,alex mack,and also the other players that are great players that should be probowlers and tops in there postions and even stats in the nfl for some of them in d’qwell jackson,dt rubin,de sheard,dt taylor,cb hadden,t.j. ward when he returns from injury, gutty and tough dawgs and other tough dawgs that don’t back down from a fight in gocong,mccoy,ben watson,scott fujita,sheldon brown,s young….ect. the best fans in football who bleed brown and orange and fight for them with every fiber they have and do any thing in the world for there passion there family because we not only give everything we got and have because we love our players like sons or brothers we are one huge family the buckie state the home and heart of america,the home of the dawgs!!!!!!!!!!! we are the browns!!!!!!!!!! don’t hate its who we are the brown and orange and it is more then the best place in football to play for it’s an experience you will never have anywhere else in football its the greatest place to be not just a player but a fan,a coach,a front office worker,a gm and prez and owner!!!!!!!!!!!! we are family and we are the browns,the dawgs,the family of ohio,there is no better place to be or play,period!!!!!!