New England Patriots Hire Former NFL QB Chris Simms

By Chris Hengst

Chris Simms is returning to NFL employment, but not as a player. The New England Patriots have hired the former quarterback, as first reported by Football Scoop.

More information was made available by the Boston Globe and it appears Simms will maintain a position dealing with both coaching and personnel matters.

The Texas alum last held an NFL roster spot in 2010 with the Tennessee Titans. Two stints in Nashville and a cup of coffee in Denver did little to dissuade coaches league-wide that Simms hadn’t ever recovered from his 2006 spleen injury.

That occurred in Tampa Bay and Simms reported that he lost almost five pints of blood in the aftermath of a devastating hit from Carolina’s Al Wallace. Had the blood loss continued unabated, the lefty signal-caller could have lost his life.

Moving into professional coaching and/or player development seems natural for Simms.

He shares a complicated, to put it lightly, relationship with Longhorn fandom for his famous quarterback duel with Major Applewhite. Failing to beat Oklahoma in his four years in Austin never won Simms any favor with the burnt orange faithful either.

So a job on the 40 Acres, like Applewhite has, was likely never in his plans.

Serving under Josh McDaniels, with whom he’s familiar from their overlapping days in Denver in 2009, and Bill Belichick, whom his father played for, gives Simms an enviable spot for a new coach.

He can learn from the Patriots staff, a model NFL franchise, and then decide whether coaching quarterbacks (McDaniels will handle the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks duties — Simms might aid) or front office work suits him more.

I’m rooting for him. As a Longhorn that took his side in the Simms-Applewhite debacle, I’ve always hoped Phil’s son could find some gridiron peace and a fan base that respected him.

Perhaps he does that in New England from the war room rather than the locker room.

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