New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Says They Are Not Done in Free Agency

By Jeff Shull

When the NFL free agency period began, many believed the New York Giants would try to make a couple of moves outside of signing their own free agents. They had a long list of players they were looking to re-sign, but also needed some outside help at a few positions.

Well so far they’ve just signed Martellus Bennett and a few special team or practice squad players, but Giants GM Jerry Reese assured fans they are not done in free agency, despite the $2.5 million cap room they currently have.

“There’s still some things to do in free agency for us, I think.” Reese said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “We’ve just got to kind of slow-play it a little bit and see who’s out there and what’s available for us and what our needs are as we continue the offseason process, and kind of look down the road and see what the draft’s going to bring for us, see what’s available there.”

They have already lost Mario Manningham to the San Francisco 49ers, and now Dave Tollefson and Jonathan Goff are visiting teams and exploring the market. If Goff leaves it would create a huge hole at the middle linebacker spot, one filled by a multitude of players last year including Chase Blackburn, who is also a free agent.

When asked if he knew who would start at middle linebacker today, Reese didn’t seem to know.

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I believed the Giants would try to go after a right tackle to replace Kareem McKenzie, which could still happen in the draft, but maybe this interview sheds some light on Reese’s plan to still go out and fix an offensive line that was not very good in 2011.

He could also still be looking to replace, or even bring back Brandon Jacobs. The Giants franchise leader in touchdowns was let go before free agency started because he would not come down on his salary enough for the Giants to justify keeping him around. If no team bites, he could end up a Giant for life.

The best word I would use to help settle what most Giants fans are feeling? Patience. Reese knows what he is doing.

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