Why the Saints Must Go After Bill Parcells

By Daniel Canova

The Big Tuna in the Big Easy.  I can hear the soulful music in New Orleans from here.

Bill Parcells is known as one of the best head coaches in NFL history.  It’s that plain and simple.  He groomed many successful coaches that we know today as well.  Ever heard of Bill Belichick?  Tom Coughlin?  How about Tony Sparano?  And of course you all know who Sean Payton is, right?

Sean Payton was handed down a brutal punishment from the NFL for his actions in the Saints recent bounty scandal.  A one year suspension is harsh, but having players intentionally injuring others for money is something that must not take part in a game we all love.

Knowing that these athletes make millions, and millions of dollars, it’s actually pathetic that they were taking place in these bounty systems when they would make only a few thousand to possibly endanger someone’s career.  The NFL makes over 8 billion dollars a year, and they would lose lots of money if stars like Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning would have a career threatening injury.  Manning is still in the process of recovering from a serious neck injury that was caused over the course of his career.  Tony Dungy believes in the early 2000’s, there were bounties placed on Manning from a Gregg Williams ran defense.  Commissioner, Roger Goodell preaches nothing but safety for the NFL every year, so I expected him to come down hard on the entire Saints organization.  And he didn’t disappoint.

Now that Sean Payton cannot participate within the Saints organization for the entire year, Payton decided to reach out to former mentor, Bill Parcells.  According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Sean Payton and Bill Parcells have talked about Parcells having a “role” within the organization this year.  This right here is a perfect fit for the Saints.

Bill Parcells is no threat to Payton’s job when he returns next season.  Parcells has been retired from head coaching since 2006, when he was apart of the Dallas Cowboys organization and Sean Payton ran Parcells’ offense during his time there.  Although I believe Parcells will not return to the gridiron, I believe he should because he will make people in New Orleans forget about the damage to the organization.  He may not bring them home a Superbowl Title, but his role for a year could be very important looking forward past all of these allegations.

Let’s say the Saints turn defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, or offensive coordinator Peter Carmichael Jr. into the interim head coach, what if they deliver a Superbowl title?  Do you dismiss Payton next year and remove the interim tag from one of these coaches?  It would be a much more complicated decision than you think.  Or what if the Saints hire someone outside the organization for the interim role, and they bring the Superbowl back to New Orleans.  Do they fire Payton or bring him back in 2013?

Sean Payton is trying to make decisions as quickly as possibly because April 1st, he can no longer be apart of the Saints organization until one day after the Superbowl next year.

Sean, you better work fast because your time is ticking.


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